Boot Fitting Dumbed Down

Boot Fitting Dumbed Down

Boot fitting can really be complicated for the person being fit and the boot fitter. I have figured out few ways to dumb it down to make it easier on all involved.

One: We don’t overthink the process. Most of us are not racing, meaning we are not skiing on the same services every day. We can put the lasers back in the drawer. We are skiing in a handful of different conditions. “Dumb It Down.” That being said, I will fit each individual as exactly that, an Individual and explain my approach. Hopefully making sense as we come together for an explanation as to why and how I’m doing things in a ski boot fit that one understands. We all want comfort and we need performance. Performance, “yes please.” It is lost and gained in how tight the ski boot fits. Success in getting a good result when punching(stretching) or grinding a ski boot is determined on how tight one goes with their ski boot fit. Not too tight, just tight enough.

Two: I don’t treat people the same, every person’s anatomy is different. The boot-fitters that take the “cookie cutter approach” will no doubt make the process complicated.

“Dumb It Down!”

Three: I don’t deviate from my principal fit techniques which are trade secrets and will be unveiled to you upon a visit to the store. Just a hint on how easy or “Dumbed Down” it can be.


Chris O’Connor

Inkline Foot Science



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